In the original “Hunger Games,” there’s a black and white cat named Buttercup. Unfortunately, the book “The Hunger Games” describes Buttercup as a long hair, orange cat, so for the “Catching Fire” movie, the author and producer felt the need to recast the cat.

The original black and white cat is probably fuming right about now and preparing a lawsuit to sue for color discrimination. In the meantime, the version of Buttercup in “Catching Fire” now properly matches the description from the book as an orange cat. If you watch “Catching Fire,” you can rest assured that the cat has now been properly recast. Also notice that as the humans suffer under the tyranny of the Capitol, Buttercup the cat remains unscathed, which goes to show that no matter what hardships human beings have to face, their cats can still live a life of leisure and luxury.

Read more about the recasting the cat in “Catching Fire” here.

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