In 2011, Russian flight controllers claimed they spotted a UFO on their radar screens that flew over the Russian diamond capital of Yakutsk, flying at a speed of over 6000 mph and rapidly changing direction. When the air traffic controllers tried to communicate with the UFO, they heard a female sounding alien voice who spoke in an unintelligible cat-like language that resembled meowing.

Perhaps these Russian flight controllers had been drinking too much vodka the night before, or perhaps cats really have come from UFOs and a new batch of cats were arriving to take advantage of the gullibility of humans to feed them in return for getting nothing for their efforts.

If you believe in UFOs, you might as well believe that they’re like cats and can meow in their own language. Even if cats do emerge from a UFO one day, they’ll likely just ignore us until it’s time for a human being to open a can of cat food for them.

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