If you’re planning to visit Hawaii and miss your cat at home, you can visit the¬†Maui Humane Society. Through their Helping Paws Visitor Program, every¬†Wednesday and Thursday, vacationers and locals alike can walk dogs, bathe puppies and pet cats at the shelter.

If you want to go the extra mile and help out the Maui Humane Society, you can even agree to take a cat with you on your flight back to the mainland. The Maui Humane Society pays for the cat’s airfare, but they can get a cheaper rate shipping cats to the mainland if the cat travels with someone who is already on that flight. All you have to do is agree to take the cat and meet the cat and a shuttler representative at the airport to check in the cat.

Then someone picks up the cat at your destination so you never have to worry about the cat again. The Maui Humane Society regularly ships cats from Hawaii to areas where people want to adopt a cat. Since there are fewer people in Hawaii to adopt a cat, the Maui Humane Society helps cats find new homes on the mainland where there are more people and more possible homes.

If you’re planning to visit Hawaii any time soon, see if you can help out a cat. Read more about this unique air travel program by clicking here.

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