For three days, an orange cat named Piper remained stuck in a drain pipe near Donnell Middle School in Ohio. TV news crews, school officials and humane society workers cut through the drainage pipe to try to free the cat while leaving treats like tuna and sardines near the pipe’s entrance. Rescue workers sucked water out of the hole and even tried luring the cat out with a cellphone running a meowing app.

Eventually, Piper decided to come out on his own and that’s when rescue workers snared him with a net. Although nobody has come forward to claim Piper, Dana Berger, the Hancock County Humane Society dog warden and humane officer, says that Piper must have been cared for at one time because he’s been neutered and declawed.

Offers are pouring in from animal lovers to adopt Piper so it looks like the cat will eventually find a new home that doesn’t involve hiding in a drain pipe and getting cold, hungry, and wet.

Read more about Piper’s story here.

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