Many people believe that cats love them. Then again, many people also believe that the world is flat, unicorns once existed, and that the Chicago Cubs will one day win a World Series. According to biologist Dr John Bradshaw, author of Cat Sensecats simply see humans as a larger version of another feline.

According to Dr Bradshaw, cats rub up against their owners or invite them to stroke their head because they see humans as fellow non-hostile cats. An upright tail is a greeting sign between cats to demonstrate their affection anyone whether they’re human or a cat.

When cats bring dead animals home, it’s part of their hunting instinct. Once inside the house, cats remember they prefer their ordinary food so they abandon the dead bird or mouse on the floor. Basically, cats don’t think of humans as superior creatures like dogs do. Instead, cats think of people as nothing special, which is something any cat owner could have told you ahead of time.

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