At Trailer Estates, there’s a dilemma. Manatee County adopted a no-kill policy in 2011 where they trap feral cats and neuter them. Unfortunately, the feral cats still wander around the neighborhood, causing problems with their bodily wastes that they deposit around the area.

Officials estimate that 10 to 50 feral cats roam the area. Since some people feed them, the feral cat problem remains not killing the cats and waiting for the feral cat colony to die out as the cats age vs. the problem with not everyone appreciate feral cats roaming around the neighborhood.

Since not everyone loves cats, especially wild ones, it’s important to keep your cats indoors and neuter them. Then adopt stray cats to give them a good home and keep them off the streets away from people who don’t like them. Some people simply don’t like cats, which is their loss, so enjoy your cats and make sure they’re safe.

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