The bay cat, or Pardofelis badia, is a mysterious little wildcat that lives only on the island of Borneo, which includes the countries of Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

Photographer Sebastian Kennerknecht and Andrew Hearn, a researcher at Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, went out into the Borneo rain forests to look for the elusive the bay cat.

“During the first trip, we were able to get pictures of a marbled cat and Sunda clouded leopards, but the bay cat proved elusive,” Kennerknecht said in an email. “Only on the second trip did we get this single picture.”

Although scientists don’t know how the bay cat eats or reproduces (we’re assuming it involves a male and a female), they do know that bay cats are smaller than the average house cat and have either ruddy chestnut or grayish coats. If you have some money to spare, perhaps you could help support further research into the bay cat. Most likely, the bay cat will act like any other cat and start bossing people around the moment it realizes how gullible most humans can be when a cat looks cute and demands food constantly.

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