Cats can’t speak, so they have to show their love for you in other ways that don’t involve spoken words. One way that cats show their affection is by lightly touching its forehead against you, which could either be a sign of affection or a sign of head butting to make you get up and open a can of cat food now.

Cats also show affection by rubbing their face against you. Cats have glands that secret oils that get spread on you, which is your cat’s way of marking you without having to spray you with urine like dogs might do.

Look at your cat’s tail and if the tail is upright with the tip twitching, that could be your cat’s way of expressing happiness and contentment. Just make sure the tail isn’t upright so the cat can back up against a wall and spray it to mark its territory.

If you know know how to read the body language of a cat, you can see that your cat might actually like you as something more than a being with thumbs that can feed it several times a day.

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