Just as people can get obese, so can cats if you let them eat too much. In Phoenix, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) shelter officials recently took in Meatball. Where most cats weight 10 pounds, Meatball weighs an astounding 36 pounds.

According to MCACC, Meatball lived in several homes and is about 4 years old, Other than his massive weight, he’s in pretty good condition.

“Considering his size he actually looks really good,”¬†said MCACC spokeswoman Melissa Gable.¬†“His hair is good. He’s able to groom himself. He walks, not very far, but he does walk.

While feeding cats can make them happy, too much food is never a good idea, even for supposedly finicky cats. Just as you should watch your weight, you should make sure your cat doesn’t balloon to an unhealthy weight as well.

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