In Japan, many people don’t own pets so they enjoy visiting a cat cafe where they can buy food and drinks while playing with the numerous cats that fill the establishment. While cat cafes have been popular in Japan, they’re slowly gaining acceptance around the rest of the world as well. Now Carlos Wong hopes to bring a cat cafe to Los Angeles.

To raise money, Carlos has turned to Kickstarter where people can donate money. Carlos says his cat cafe, called Catfe, will “create something more than just a place to come and enjoy your time with cats and coffee. Because of the unique nature of this establishment, we seek to take full embrace of it and create a stronger community through it. We want Catfe to be a hub where we can spread the awareness of pet health and safety, hold adoptions from nearby shelters, have animal therapy sessions with local non-profits that are specifically geared towards children and the elderly, the possibilities truly reach far!”

To learn more about the potential cat cafe in Los Angeles, click here.

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