In the world of computer science, there’s a test called a Turing test which claims that if you can type questions to a computer program and the program can respond in a way that you can’t tell if it’s a human or a computer, then the program must be intelligent.

While most computer scientists no longer believe the Turing test is a valid measurement of artificial intelligence, it can still be an interesting way to analyze the cleverness of a program. If you’d like to chat (by typing) messages with a computer program, download Talking Angela.

Talking Angela can hold an intelligent conversation with you so if you’re ever bored, chat with Talking Angela instead of anyone next to you. At least an intelligent computer program won’t intimidate you in anyway, unlike a real person.

By the way, ignore any rumors you may have heard about Talking Angela since none of them are true. Talking Angela is just a fun game that you can toy with and get your cat fix wherever you go with your iPhone or iPad.

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