The next time you get booked by the Lindenhurst Police Department, you may have to deal with Mister Meanor, the only police cat on the force.

Officer Ralph Goar brought the stray cat into the department over Memorial Day weekend in 2001 and quickly endeared himself to members of the force. “We brought him to the chief and said, ‘Here’s our new mascot,’ ” Officer Rebecca Labb said. “The chief just said OK.”

“If a bad guy has bonded out he yells at them the whole way down the hallway, giving them the ‘what for’ with a scolding meow,” Labb said. “However, if people here need comforting, he jumps up in their lap and comforts them. He distinguishes between the good guys and the bad guys. It is amazing how he does that.”

Because he thinks he is human, Mister Meanor prefers to drink out of the drinking fountain and share a bathroom with the police chief, which goes to show you who really may be the police chief in that department.

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