Any time there’s a serious topic, there’s also a humorous angle that you can examine using a cat. While terrorism may be serious, it can be less frightening if you see how people have used cats to poke fun at terrorism, which helps make all our lives easier and more joyful as a result.

Of course, every cat owner knows that cats can be more frightening than actual terrorists and that cats may be the original terrorists, terrifying their owners into giving them everything they want. When George W. Bush announced “Mission Accomplished!” he might really have been declaring a premature end to the war on cat terrorism.

So if you see a cat terrorizing its owner, be sure to call the proper authorities before it’s too late.

Remember, stopping terrorism in all forms, whether it comes from a cat or a human, is all of our responsibility so keep alert and do your part to bringing cat terrorists to justice today.

To learn more about protecting against actual terrorism, you can visit the Citizens Against Terrorism site, which has the acronym C.A.T.

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