They called the medieval times the Dark Ages for a reason. Most of those people living back then hated cats.

Based on their twisted interpretation of religion, many medieval people associated cats with the devil. When the Templars were put on trial in the early fourteenth-century, they were accused of allowing cats to be part of their services and even praying to the cats.

Around 1180, Walter Map explained in one of his works that during satanic rituals “the Devil descends as a black cat before his devotees. The worshippers put out the light and draw near to the place where they saw their master. They feel after him and when they have found him they kiss him under the tail.”

Even though cats killed mice, medieval people still believed that cats were like Satan, plucking mice like Satan plucks souls. Curiously, medieval Muslims were very fond of cats. The Prophet Muhammad reportedly liked cats and treated them well. One European pilgrim who traveled to the Middle East even noted that among the differences between Muslims and Christians was that “They like cats, while we like dogs.”

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