If you’re planning a trip to Malaysia, take time to visit the Kuching Cat Museum, which may be the first cat museum in the world. The exhibits in the museum include:

Gallery A

  •      Santubong (The First Capital of Sarawak)
  •      How Kuching City got its Name?
  •      Kuching City Gallery
  •      White Rajah of Sarawak
  •      Sarawak Governors
  •      Sarawak Nationalist Heroes
  •      Presidents of Kuching Municipal Council
  •      Mayor of Kuching North and Kuching South
  •      Present Kuching City
  •      VIP Gallery
  •      Introduction On Cats
  •      Cats In Malay Community
  •      Cats In Chinese Community
  •      Cats In Orang Ulu Community
  •      Maneki-Neko (Beckoning Cats)
  •      Cats In Japanese Community
  •      Satoru Tsuda

Gallery B

  •      Arched-Back Cats
  •      Cats Fight
  •      Cats in Ancient Egypt
  •      Cat Walk
  •      Cat Nap     Cats at Play
  •      Thomas Stearns Elliot
  •      Catfish
  •      Nakahoma Minoru’s Cat Painting
  •      Cats in Orient Art Collection
  •      Cats In Modern Western Art
  •      Cats in Stamp
  •      Jane Yap Jian Yi’s Collection


Gallery C

  •      Five Age of Cat
  •      Cat’s Cemetery
  •      Caring and Holding a Cat
  •      Whiskers
  •      Cats’ Eye
  •      Cats in Cards
  •      Cats in Posters
  •      Various type of the Breeds
  •      Wild Cats of Borneo Gallery
  •      Cat cave
  •      Norwegian Forest Cat
  •      Bengal cat
  •      Cats In Music
  •      Cats In Advertising
  •      Cats in Medieval Period
  •      Stray Cats

Gallery D

  •      Garfield goods collection
  •      Cat  Books Collection
  •      Children’s Corner
  •      Cat as Companion
  •      Collection of Hello Kitty products
  •      Sarawak Cat Gallery
  •      Uptown Cat Contemporary Exhibition
  •      Gifts from Cat Lovers

To learn more about the Kuching Cat museum, click here.

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