If you’re planning to go on a holiday, you might want to check your cat into the The Meadow Cat Hotel at St Erme, Truro. Dreamed up by cat-lover and former primary school teacher Gemma Machin, the under-floor heated, 18-room boutique retreat offers catnip pampering sessions, custom-made wrought-iron beds featuring memory foam mattresses and crushed-velvet sheets, the soothing sounds of Cornish-based feline-themed audio books, such as the Mousehole Cat and The Cornish Cat That Went To Sea, and the calming scent of special cat pheromones.

Guests can pick from a daily menu of hand-prepared gourmet meals including fresh king prawns, flaked Scottish salmon fillet with crème fraîche, tuna steak and sweetcorn, and finely sliced lean chicken breast dishes.

Mrs Machin said: “It has been in the back of my mind for a long time. I was brought up with cats and have always loved them, and my husband and I just thought there was a gap in the market.”

If you like the idea of pampering your cat, you might want to consider checking into the Meadow Cat Hotel yourself so you can enjoy some pampering while your cat goes out and gets a job.

To learn more about the Meadow Cat Hotel, click here.

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