Although cats are often smart enough to boss cat lovers around, they still need legal protection from malicious people who don’t like cats or other animals. That’s why the Nonhuman Rights Project is trying to extend legal rights to all animals including cats. If Congress thinks corporations are people, then they should also make it legally permissible to give animals legal protection too as if they were human. After all, a cat is a lot more lovable than a corporation because when was the last time a corporation shredded your drapes or unraveled an entire roll of toilet paper in your absence?

If you believe that cats and animals in general deserve legal protection, then you might want to volunteer or donate to the Nonhuman Rights Project. If enough cats learn about their legal rights, you can expect to get sued for failing to provide enough tuna and chicken at meals times, but that’s a small price to pay to keep your cat happy.

To learn more about the Nonhuman Rights Project, click here.

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