For anyone who already has a cat, it’s easy to see why they can endear themselves to your heart while slicing your arm with their claws, waking you up early every morning demanding to be fed, and wrecking your furniture when you’re not home. However to other people, the mystique behind cat ownership may be nothing short of mass insanity.

That’s why a writer in the Irish Times wrote a short article about how he became a cat person. Cat people will recognize the gradual breaking down of your defenses as a furry little creature slowly takes over your life like a monster in a B-grade horror film.

The author wrote of his first experience with the cat: “Ju Ju lived to be a very old cat. When my wife got her, she was a slightly traumatised rescue animal. After her first owner died, she spent a few months in a small pen in a veterinary clinic. When she arrived at my wife’s house she nestled down outside the kitchen like a brooding hen and refused to move for a whole week.

“Thankfully, she soon came out of herself and became a demanding little tyrant.”

If you’ve forgotten how you became a cat person, you might want to read one man’s experience to remind you why you put up with your cat. To read the Irish Times article, click here.