If you’ve ever left your cat at home and wondered what it might be doing in your absence, you probably need to start thinking about more important things in your life. Still if you’re curious, you could visit Mr. Lee’s projects for cats, a site that documents devices to help you understand what your cat may be doing when you’re not around.

CatTracker is a device that uses GPS to track your cat’s movements around the neighborhood. Now you can see how long your cat slept and where, which is fascinating information in case you want to know how long your cat has slept in the back yard.

A second device is the CatCam, which is a miniature, wireless camera that dangles form your cat’s collar. By viewing the video, you can see where your cat went and what happened. Given the sorry state of so many reality TV shows, watching what your cat did during the day might actually be an improvement.

To learn more about Mr. Lee’s unusual cat projects, click here.

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