When most people think of Nordic countries ike Finland, they probably think of snow, beautiful people, and peace. However, you may not know that Finland loves cats just like most of the rest of the world. Curiously, the Finland Cat Association has ranked their most popular cat breeds and the Ragdoll cat has come out as number one. The other top ten cat breeds in 2011 include:

1. Ragdoll

2. Maine Coon

3. Holy birma

4. Norwegian forest cat

5. British short hair

6. Cornish rex

7. Siberian

8. Burma

9. Persian

10. Oriental short hair

Since Finland is one of the most stable and trustworthy nations around, perhaps the Finnish people know something the rest of us don’t know, namely that the secret to peace is to enjoy your cats.

To read more about Finland’s most popular cats, click here.

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