With the Middle East in constant turmoil all the time, you have to wonder what it’s like to be a cat in places like Syria, Libya, and Egypt. Like all places, the Middle East offers a variety of pros and cons for cats. On the con side, cats have to dodge tear gas canisters along with car bombings, suicide bombers, and death squads. On the pro side, most of the dangers are directed at people and not at cats, although cats can get caught in the crossfire.

However, not all parts of the Middle East are torn apart with violence. In many parts of the Middle East, life goes on as usual with cats enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, and freedom from having to do any actual work.

In all parts of the world, cats can live great or horrible lives. So whatever part of the world you happen to be in, do your best to make the lives of the cats around you better. A cat will thank you for your effort, usually by spraying your belongings and ignoring you for all your hard work.

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