If you’re like many people who tried to use Windows 8, you probably found it harder to use and less intuitive than ever before. If you forced yourself to learn Windows 8, you probably wind up spending much of your time learning basic tasks that you could do easily in Windows 7.

Instead of upgrading to Windows 8, some people are moving to the Macintosh and some are moving to a free operating system known as Linux. What many cat lovers may not know is that Linux has a special command called cat. One example of the cat command appears below:

$ cat program.pl program2.pl >all_pgrm.pl

So if you’re a total techno-geek and a cat lover, and want one more reason to switch to Linux besides the fact that it’s free, you can now use the cat command as a reason to support Linux and avoid using Windows 8 altogether.

To read more about the cat command in Linux, click here.

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