In Chico, California, someone put three kittens in a garbage bag and threw them out of a moving car. Two of the kitten died but a third one survived. The cat, named Hope, was found by a woman along a roadway. Chico Cat Coalition President Alicia Parsons answered the woman’s call about the kittens.

“She was pretty upset. She was like, ‘I don’t understand how someone can just take kittens and put them in a garbage bag and toss them on the side of the road,'” Parsons said. If you have room to adopt a cat and live near Chico, visit the Chico Cat Coalition. If you have extra cats, please find some way to get them a good home whether you place them in an animal shelter or find someone willing to take in a cat in their home.

To read more about the horrors of animal dumping, click here.

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