When Kristina Clark’s cat got sick, she knew she had to take it to the vet. Unfortunately, the only vet who she could afford was trapped behind two avalanches blocking the roads. Despite this roadblock, Kristin and her companion, Donney Carlson, both decided to brave the avalanches to get her cat, Ninja, to the vet.

Along the way, they ran into state troopers who warned them to stay off the roads and away from the avalanche areas. Since the only way to get to the vet was to disobey the state troopers, that’s exactly what they did and wound up getting arrested for their efforts.

Fortunately, they did manage to get their cat to the vet after being tossed in jail. Now their cat is doing fine, which goes to show you that humans will do anything to protect their precious cats, even risking death and arrest to do so.

To read more about the obstacles these two cat lovers faced to get their cat to the vet, click here.

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