For a hobby, some people build bird houses, but for Greg Krueger, an autistic man in Minnesota, he prefers building unique cat walks so his four cats can stroll around the walls of his home.

“They’re fun to watch, they’re very agile,” Krueger said. “I just love trails and paths…and cats of course and so I’ve just linked those passions together.”

Krueger’s four cats get to look down on their owner for nearly 100 yards of overhead catwalks. They can also scamper away to their choice of hideouts. All with proper lighting and padding.

Greg says he has trouble interacting with people, but has no trouble interacting with his cats. The cats seem to appreciate the hard work he’s put in to create their cat walks, so everybody seems happy. When you see Krueger’s unusual cat walk designs, you can see that he’s obviously a skilled and dedicated cat owner.

To learn more about Greg Krueger’s elaborate cat walk designs, click here.

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