Cats have kept mice out of distilleries for generations. In Scotland, the Glenturret distillery relied on the services of Peat the cat, who unfortunately died from a car accident. As the distillery’s mouser, Peat the cat kept up a long tradition of mousers.

On the central path between buildings at Glenturret, there’s a bronze statue. It’s not the company founder, or a bottle of whisky. It’s a cat. The greatest distillery cat of them all.

Towser the Mouser is actually in the Guinness Book of World Records for catching mice. Estimated lifetime kills: 28,899.

“They say every time Towser caught a mouse, she brought it back to the stillhouse,” says Neal Cameron, who has been making the whisky here for 19 years. “Whether it was the whole mouse or it was a headless mouse, I have no idea. But she brought them back to the stillman.”

To read about Glenturret’s history of mousers, click here.

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