A new Montreal café, called The Café des Chats, looks like a regular coffee house — except it’s home to eight cats. Besides tables and chairs designed for humans, the space also includes scratching posts, plush toys, and a special multi-level window perch for the felines-in-residence.

Nadine Spencer, who helped set up the business along with her partner, said the concept is a big hit in Asia and, more recently, has gained popularity in Europe. “We thought, ‘Why not bring this to Montreal?’ I think it’s a city that could definitely use it,” she said Sunday.

“There’s a lot of places that don’t accept cats these days and there are a lot of students here for a short time. And it’s also great therapy.”

Although this may be Montreal’s first cat cafe, others plan to open in Toronto and Vancouver along with more cat cafes in Montreal. The next time you need a cup of coffee, go someplace where you can pet a cat at the same time. You may find yourself more relaxed, especially when you realize you can be around a cat without having to care for it.

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