Mailmen may be afraid of dogs but you should also beware of cats too. A Houston man found this out the hard way when he went walking with his two dogs at 8:30 in the morning. Suddenly a neighbor’s cat appeared.

“The cat jumped off the fence and ran towards the dogs and myself,” said David, the resident who was attacked by the cat. . “I tried to get in the way to try and protect the dogs and the cat latched on to my leg and scratched.”

According to local law, any animal that breaks the skin of a human needs to be quarantined and tested for rabies. Fortunately the cat did not have rabies and its owner was able to pay fines to recover her cat. The next time you see a Beware of Dog sign, keep in mind that sometimes you should also see signs that say Beware of Cat as well.

To read more about this Houston attack cat, click here.

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