Cat hoarders almost always have good intentions that go awry somewhere between getting their third cat and their 100th cat. In one home, a cat hoarder tried to keep 150 cats. Bertha A. Ryan, the property owner, and her sisters, Mary A. Ryan and Regina Millard, were in the residence in street clothes while emergency workers wore hazmat suits to rescue the cats, Murray said.

The sisters and other relatives were involved in cat-hoarding incidents in Schaghticoke, Halfmoon and Vermont. Humane society officials estimated that the family collected 450 cats in the different incidents including the latest one.

Tina Murray, director of operations for the humane society said, “It’s not a very big house. It has a large number of cats.” The rescued cats were taken the the local humane society suffering from malnutrition, worms,a nd fleas. While it’s noble to want to rescue so many cats, it’s relatively pointless if you can’t take care of any of them. Take care of your cats, and help find good homes for the ones you can’t rescue yourself. When you meet a cat hoarder, they may have good intentions, but their mind tends to be stuck in another part of their anatomy.

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