Ever since cat cafes starting popping up around Japan, their popularity has spread throughout the world. In the United States, many people are trying to open cat cafes and now Denver may be the next city to get its very own cat cafe.

Sana Hamelin’s cat cafe will be like a coffee house or Internet cafe, except there will be about eight cats in the establishment for people to pet, play with or observe.┬áSince the cats will be there, Hamelin can serve drip coffee and tea but can’t make any speciality drinks. She also can’t prepare any food on site, but she can serve anything that is prepackaged.

Best of all, if anyone likes any of the cats at the cafe, they can adopt it. By teaming up with the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue group, Hamelin’s cat cafe can help cats find good homes or at least enjoy the company of humans in a peaceful setting.

To read about Denver’s coming cat cafe, click here.

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