To help cats, many people donate money. If they can’t donate money, they often donate their time. In Florida, a 69-year old retiree named Rick Snyder decided to use his spare time to help care for feral and stray cats throughout the Manatee County community.

Snyder would spend about four hours a day walking and searching for spare change at car washes and vending machines. After 10 years, he wound up with over $21,495 in spare change, which he donated to the Gulf Shore Animal League, a local volunteer-run nonprofit caring primarily for cats.

Even if you don’t have much money, you can do what Rick Snyder did and just collect loose change. Every penny helps and adds up, but don’t forget that donating time to helping cats can be just as valuable as donating money. Remember, life is short so make it worthwhile by helping those around you. Not everyone may want to help cats, but for those who do, it’s just one of many ways to make the lives of those around you just a little bit better, and that’s what living is really all about.

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