The ride-sharing company Uber is best known for helping people get around the city. yet for National Cat Day (October 29), Uber offered their services where people could call and rent a kitten for 15 minutes at a time. The price for 15 minutes of playtime with a kitten? $30.

The limited promotion on National Cat Day was meant to highlight kittens needing adoption and to help them find a good home. 100 percent of proceeds from the campaign go to participating animal shelters in each city, and a shelter volunteer chaperoning the kitten visits can share more information about cat adoptions. In addition, Uber says it’ll be matching all donations made to the participating shelters via the Uber app.

The next time you want something delivered to your home, you can get a pizza, a ride, and now a kitten. Perhaps kitten delivery services will soon become more popular once people realize the convenience of having a cat sent straight to your home.

To read more about renting a kitten, click here.

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