If you thought your cat was expensive, you haven’t met the missing Savannah cat with a reward of $20,000.¬†Boo the cat was purchased from a breeder in El Paso, Texas and is a cross between an African serval and an Egyptian Mau. His front paws are declawed and he’s a domesticated pet who poses no risk to children, cats or dogs, the owner, Todd, said.

“He doesn’t normally come outside except to eat grass,” Todd said. “And whenever he’s gotten out, he’s always come back the next day.”

Even though Boo is a large cat, he’s still in danger from predators, cars, and frightened or malicious humans. Take care of your cats and keep them safe. They may not be worth $20,000, but their lives can be priceless so you don’t want them to run into any trouble outside of your home.

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