Nearly everyone has heard of Groupon, the Internet company that sets up bargains for various products and services around the world. However, not many people know that Groupon’s headquarters are in Chicago where the old Montgomery Wards department store used to be. People may also not know that Groupon’s unofficial mascot is a giant cat in a spaceship.

Why Groupon picked a cat in a spaceship remains one of those mysteries along with how Groupon intends to make money in the long run by forcing merchants to cut prices drastically and make less profit in the hopes of winning future customers. Still, having a giant cat in a spaceship involved in a company can still be better than having an incompetent and greedy executive bleeding a company dry of cash while wrecking its prospects for the future at the same time. At least a giant cat in a spaceship won’t do that to Groupon.

To read an interview with the Groupon spaceship cat, click here.

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