Many people enjoy hiking to enjoy the great outdoors and get some exercise so it’s only natural that cats might enjoy hiking too. At least that’s the idea behind the Best Friends animal sanctuary in southern Utah.

Seeing how most of the cats in the shelter will likely spend their entire lives there, the shelter workers decided that getting the cats out for a walk can relieve boredom and get the cats some extra exercise to burn off energy. In addition, the cats get to spend time with the many shelter volunteers who they may have bonded with.

If the idea of taking your cat hiking seems odd, just remember that some cats enjoy a stroll outdoors while others prefer to be chauffeured around in an expensive limousine. As long as the cats are enjoying themselves, they’ll be living a fulfilling life even if they have to spend it at a shelter.

To learn more about taking cats for a hike in southern Utah, click here.

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