Former Chelsea, Crystal Palace and Birmingham City striker Mikael Forssell was forced to miss training because of a cat.¬†The 33-year-old athlete, now with Bundesliga 2 club VfL Bochum, was unable to get to his car because a group of felines were camped by the door. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem except that¬†Forssell is allergic to cats.

He posted to Twitter: “Im [sic] allergic to cats…I need to leave 2 training…semi-scary…been there now 4 about 20mins rubbing against rubber”.

Perhaps the cats are secretly telling him that he doesn’t need additional training or they might just be telling him that his sports career may soon be over so there’s no point in going to training anyway. More likely, the cats just found someone who’s allergic to them so they wanted to test their powers over another hapless human being.

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