Bayside State prison in Leesburg, New Jersey has a problem. A colony of feral cats have been hanging around the food services building where minimum security inmates have been feeding them. Unfortunately prison rules forbid inmates from carrying food outside of the building for fear they could smuggle contraband inside the food. As a result, the prison has ordered inmates to stop feeding the cats.

In response to this, Alley Cat Allies of Atlantic City posted this on it Facebook:

“Last week, we asked for help lifting a feeding ban cruelly imposed on cats at Bayside State Prison in New Jersey. Your response has been incredible, but the cruel feeding ban is still in place. We need your help to get New Jersey to end this cruelty. Please ask New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to reach out to the Department of Corrections to request an end to the feeding ban. In Alley Cat Allies’ recent contact with Bayside State Prison’s administration as well as the Department of Corrections, officials have reaffirmed that the feeding ban remains. This is unacceptable. Tens of thousands of people have expressed their shock and requested that the cats be fed and the prison work with Alley Cat Allies. It’s unbelievable that officials have dug in their heels on this cruel, ineffective policy. We want to save the cats and set up a program that will be beneficial to the cats, the prison, and the state of New Jersey.”

If New Jersey Governor Christ Christie can shut down bridges, he can certainly helps ave the lives of feral cats. To read more about the prison’s colony of feral cats, click here.

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