Since cat cafes are proven so popular in other parts of the world, people have started opening cat cafes in North America. Now New York is the home of one of the first American cat cafes. Called the Meow Parlour Cat Cafe, located onĀ 46 Hester Street, about half a dozen kitties scamper across floor pillows, poke their heads into stacked boxes and chase after jingling toys across the smooth floor.

All the cats at the cafe are available to adopt from partner KittyKind, a rescue organization that operates out of the Petco on Union Square. The team selects outgoing and unflappable cats to populate the cafe, each one with a headshot and Playboy-type personality chart on a wall near the front.

If you’re in New York and want to adopt a cat, or at least play with one, stop by one of America’s first cat cafes. Then buy something to support the cat cafe and encourage others to open more cat cafes to help put cats up for adoption so they can find new homes.

To read more about the Meow Parlour Cat Cafe in New York, click here.

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