Sometimes the best intentions can go wrong. That’s the case with Jonathan Tan, the owner of¬†Cuddles Cat Cafe in Singapore. Mr. Tan apologised for the deaths of cats in his cafe and expressed remorse over purchasing the cats in the cafe instead of adopting them.

Mr. Tan wrote: “Under my care, 7 Cats died in a one year time-period:¬†Accidents from sterilization surgery, as well as the fatal FIP disease. My inexperience resulted to these issues. I am very sorry towards Cookies, Puffy, Earl Grey, Munchy, Pumpkin, Foxy and Cream.”

When caring for cats, make sure you get professional help and don’t get too many cats that they overwhelm your ability to care for them properly. After all, you don’t want to become a crazy cat lady hoarding hundreds of cats in a space meant to hold only one or two cats comfortably.

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