For years, only Asia seemed to specialize in cat cafes where customers could make reservations, order a snack, and spend time playing with room full of cats. Then Europe discovered the cat cafe concept and finally North America has been enlightened to the joys of cat cafes as well.

Austin, Texas may be the latest American city to get a cat cafe. Rebecca Gray, a University of Texas at Austin biology graduate and self-proclaimed cat lady, hopes to open the city’s first cat cafe, a dual exploration into pet adoption and the coffee shop business.

“I’ve always been the girl where people said, ‘You’re going to grow up and be a crazy cat lady.’ I said, ‘Is there something wrong with that?'” Gray jokes. Blue Cat Cafe hopes to be a magical place where cat ladies and gentlemen can enjoy delicious treats while playing with feline friends — all of which are up for adoption.

To read more about Rebecca’s dream of opening a cat cafe, click here.

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