If you like little housecats, chances are good you’ll like their much bigger ancestors as well. In Africa, one of the least-studied wild cats is the African golden cat. Recent video footage captured in Kibale national park in south Uganda caught this rare cat stalking and rushing a group of red colobus monkeys before appearing to beat a retreat.

Caracal aurata is a medium-sized cat, about twice the size of a domestic cat, and strongly-built. The secretive animal is only found in central and west Africa. If you know of a snobby person who takes pride in owning a pure bred cat, show them the African golden cat that they’ll never be able to own, just to make them realize that there’s always a rarer cat out there than they’ll ever possess.

The goal of owning cats isn’t to brag about their pedigree but to enjoy them and protect them. Whether you have a purebred or an ordinary housecat, it can be more precious than the rarest animal simply because it’s already rare by being one of a kind. So take care of your cats and cherish them for the time you have to spend with them. It won’t be a moment wasted.

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