If you could put a monetary value on your cat, what would it be? For many cat owners, they’ll do almost anything to keep their cat safe and healthy. On Dec. 28, 2012, Frank, a cat, lay sick as a dog at the Pet Spot, a boarding kennel in Norwood. The kennel’s owner took one look at Frank, deemed him close to death and rushed him to MedVet, an emergency medical center for animals that guarantees the highest quality care.

The veterinarians saved Frank, but he only last a few months before dying. However, when Frank’s owners returned to pick him up, they were greeted by a medical bill for $3,861. Their own veterinarian said the cost of saving Frank would have been $1,248.50.

Now the legal system has to decide how much Frank’s owners should pay for the medical bill. Given this tricky situation between the boarding kennel and Frank’s owners, nobody really is at fault since the kennel did what they thought was best to save Frank and Frank’s owners were unreachable during their trip when they boarded Frank at the kennel.

This story makes you think how much your cat might be worth to you? To read more about the legal question surrounding Frank’s medical bills, click here.

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