It may be true that cats have nine lives because they continue to defy the laws of physics. Jommi, an 18-month old cat in Hong Kong, was playing in her owner’s apartment when she fell out a window. Al Ling, Jommi’s owner, said, ‘We went into the other room for a few minutes and shortly after when I came out calling for her, I was looking everywhere and could not find her. We had left a little window crack open to get some fresh air and I suddenly had the horrific thought that she may have gotten through the gap.’

Amazingly, Jommi hit a tent below, bent the tent’s aluminum frame, and tore through the tent’s fabric to land unharmed on the ground below. Al Ling said,

‘I remember seeing a QI programme once where they talked about a cat’s low terminal velocity when falling from great heights and that the higher the fall the more likely the survival. Whatever the reason, Jommi is going to be the most spoilt cat in history now.’

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