When James Bowen was homeless, living on the streets and taking drugs to ease his pain, he met Bob the cat who refused to leave his side. To care for the cat, James eventually started cleaning his own life up, culminating in writing a book about his story called “A Street Cat Named Bob.” Unfortunately, the tale of Bob and James isn’t over yet.

James’ girlfriend, Kirsty Shirley, allegedly travelled to see James’s mother Penelope in Australia but ended up sleeping with his stepfather, causing the couple’s seven-year marriage to implode. Even worse, in the eyes of Bob’s fans, Kirsty supposedly can’t stand Bob the cat and urged James to get rid of him.

Obviously if these allegations are true, it’s easy to tell James to dump his girlfriend and keep Bob the cat. After all, a cat is far more loyal and sane than a girlfriend who will sleep with her boyfriend’s stepfather. Perhaps Bob the cat should tell James to not only get rid of Kirsty, but put her out on the streets and see how long she can survive. If Kirsty winds up on the street, you know no cat in the city will take her in and help her like Bob did for James.

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