A Richmond Hill couple had advertised their cat, Izzy, as an “angry, miserable and vindictive” bent on world domination.

“The reason we’ve kept her this long is because we feel if we let her out into the world, she will take it over,” the Craigslist advertisement explained. “This little one can be the Mr. Bigglesworth to your Dr. Evil.”

The ad lists numerous evil deeds Izzy has performed, including knocking over glasses; opening the fridge and eating an entire block of cheese; opening a locked cabinet and helping herself to dog food; going to the bathroom on the floor; and assembling a group of “male minions” by meowing from the second floor window.

The couple loves Izzy but she’s proven to be more than a handful and they want to find her a good home with someone who will appreciate her behavior issues.

To read more about Izzy’s humorous Craigslist ad, click here.

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