There are people who juggle bowling balls, chainsaws, and flaming torches, but perhaps the most dangerous item to juggle are cats. Not only can cats lash out with their claws, but they’re less predictable than inanimate objects in addition to being cruel to the animals that may not understand why some stranger wants to toss them in the air periodically.

If you have the urge to juggle strange items, start with chainsaws and hand grenades instead of cats. Cats deserve to be cuddled and cared for, not tossed in the air like props of a bad showman. If you know of anyone who juggles cats, make them stop right away. If you’re thinking about juggling cats, think of something less dangerous to do like punching cars on a speeding highway. At least doing that won’t risk hurting a helpless animal.

To read more about why you shouldn’t juggle cats, click here.

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