Death is a part of life. Unfortunately for cat owners, death comes all too soon. It’s inevitable, but watching the way your cat handles death can teach you much about how you’ll handle death for yourself and others in the future.

For the owner of a cat named Dorothy Parker, the end has been coming for the past two years. With a regimen of medication , Dorothy Parker has managed to eke out another two years of life with relatively little stress other than seeing the veterinarian once in a while. But Dorothy Parker is teaching her own to handle death with dignity.

Most people want to die at home, but few do. The way you learn to handle death with a cat can teach you much about how to handle death in the future in your own life. It’s sad, but life goes on and there will always be more cats to adopt. A new cat can never replace your old cat, but it can create a new relationship for you to cherish all over again.

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