A decade ago, Louis began living at the great 12th century church a decade ago to keep any mice at bay. He has become so popular he has even starred in a children’s book called Louis the Cathedral Cat.

Yet all may not be well with Louis. Mandie Stone-Outten was walking with her springer spaniel Millie close to the cathedral when a ginger tomcat, matching the description of Louis, attacked her dog. “This dangerous, semi-feral cat pounced like a wild lion in the jungle on to my dog Millie’s head,” she said.

“It all happened really quickly. I pulled the lead backwards and went flying down the kerb, into the gutter and ended up in a heap in muddy rainwater, in the gulley in the market place. That cat has serious issues.”

Others insist that Louis is gentle and it might be a case of mistaken identity. Whatever the case, a semi-feral cat is attacking dogs around the cathedral and Louis is the main suspect.

To read more about the possible double life of Louis the Cathedral Cat, click here.

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