If anyone has ever owned a cat, you know that they tend to catch mice, birds, lizards, and anything else small enough to get in their way. What scientists have never been able to prove though is whether feral cats can hunt and kill large mammals.

Now though the aid of an infrared camera, they have video proof that feral cats can take down animals heavier than two kilograms. University of Tasmania researcher Bronwyn Fancourt┬ásaid, “We were using these infra-red, motion sensor cameras to do some surveys following the bushfires out past Dunally. We discovered this series of images of a feral cat coming in and killing and eating a four-kilogram pademelon.”

When it comes to food, you can be sure cats can take down humans who refuse to open a can of cat food for them, so any cat owner can tell you this is no surprise to anyone except scientists.

To read more about feral cats taking down large animals, click here.

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