If your cat bites and scratches you, you could try to get it to stop. Chances are good it won’t work but it’s worth trying anyway. One of the reasons why cats hurt humans (beyond sheer pleasure) is because a cat feels trapped or threatened. So you have step away from the cat and make the cat feel safe. Sometimes arming the cat with a gun might also make the cat feel safer, especially if you remove the bullets so you feel safer as well.

Experts suggest changing a cat’s behavior using positive reinforcement rather than yelling, crying, or bleeding to death on the carpet in front of your cat. Play with your cat using items that give you enough distance from the cat such as a wand with a toy attached to the end. Better yet, get someone you don’t like to play with a cat that bites and scratch easily. That way if the cat does bite or scratch that other person, you’ll still feel good about yourself and your cat.

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